Transfer planning resources

Transferring to the UW takes careful planning: You’ll be working simultaneously on various requirements for admission to the UW, for your intended major, for graduation from the UW and possibly for an associate degree. The more you work on multiple requirements at the same time, the smoother and more successful your transfer to the UW will be. No matter where you are in the process, our comprehensive transfer student portal will guide you through this journey.

Academic Planning Worksheets

Academic Planning Worksheets are available for each major and are designed to be used in conjunction with other resources and, of course, advisers.


Different majors have different admission policies. Make sure you understand the details for your intended major. MyMajor is an interactive tool for transfer students that lets you see essential information about your intended major.

Equivalency guide

How will the classes you’ve taken transfer to the UW? Find out using the UW Equivalency Guide for Washington Community and Technical Colleges.

MyPlan transfer planner

See the Equivalency Guide in action. MyPlan helps you determine how courses you’ve taken or plan to take at Washington community or technical colleges translate to progress toward a UW degree.

Course catalog

Explore the breadth and depth of course offerings through the Course Catalog. There are more than 2,000 to choose from every quarter.

Transfer Thursday

All prospective transfer students are invited to attend Transfer Thursday prior to applying to the UW.