COVID-19 Admissions FAQs

2022 applicants and beyond | Financial aid, tuition and fees | Advising & Orientation 

Applicants for 2022 and beyond


Does the UW still require the SAT or ACT for applicants?

No, the UW has permanently removed the SAT/ACT test score requirement for admission.

Will not submitting an SAT or ACT disadvantage me as an applicant?

Not submitting an SAT or ACT will not harm any applicant in the review process.

How will schedule changes impact my admissibility to the UW?

At the UW we use a holistic review process which allows our readers to take context into consideration when reviewing applications. Rest assured that unanticipated schedule changes due to COVID-19 will be taken into consideration. If you’re able to, tell us about the impacts in your application.

How will Pass/No Pass, Credit/No Credit or A/Incomplete grading affect my admissibility to the UW?

If a school changes the grading scale to Pass/No Pass, Credit/No Credit or A/Incomplete, this will not impact a student’s admissibility to the University of Washington. The holistic review will be able to accommodate all of the various grading policies that school districts implement in a way that neither advantages nor disadvantages any applicant.
Educators, if your school is able, we recommend designating the change on the transcript so the Office of Admissions is aware when reviewing final transcripts.

Does the UW convert a "Pass" to a B grade (3.0)?

The UW does not change a “Pass” to a B grade (3.0) and a “Pass” does not impact the cumulative GPA in our holistic review.

Are international applicants still required to submit a TOEFL or IELTS score?

International students are required to submit English proficiency exam scores that meet the UW’s admission requirement. In recognition of the COVID-19 pandemic’s global impacts, the UW will also accept the Duolingo English Test for any summer/autumn 2022 applicant.

Are campus visits, tours and information sessions being offered?

Campus tours and admission information sessions are back! See the schedule and sign up online.

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Financial aid, tuition and fees

My family income has changed. What options exist to update my financial aid award package?

We understand that your family’s financial situation may have changed as a result of COVID-19. Students can request changes to their award by completing a “change in financial situation – parent,” or “change in financial situation – student” form using the revision request website.

Will tuition rates or fee-based program rates change if my class is taught remotely?

At the UW our world-class instructors bring expertise, experience and knowledge to remote learning just as they do with in-person teaching. Whether class instruction is in-person or online, your UW educators remain the same. It’s also important to remember that this is not an online degree program so while it’s safe for the UW community to come together in person, we’ll continue to do so. 

I am not a resident of the state of Washington. Why am I required to pay out-of-state tuition for remote learning or in-person instruction?

Out-of-state tuition is not a reflection of whether a course is offered in-person or remotely. Resident tuition is lower than non-resident tuition because of the taxes paid by resident students and their families to the state of Washington. These taxes support the UW through state funding.

My financial situation has changed due to COVID-19 and I am now interested in deferring my admission offer.

The economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are far reaching and impacting us all. Students can request changes to their financial aid award by completing a “Change in financial situation – parent,” or “Change in financial situation – student” form using the revision request website.

If after exploring your options, you make the choice to not enroll at the UW, we would encourage you to contact our office so we can walk you through applying for a future term, developing a transfer plan and more. The UW is not deferring admission to another entry term due to a change in finances. If you do not wish to attend the UW for autumn quarter, but wish to enroll for a future quarter, you would need to reapply for that term.

Advising & Orientation

Will summer Advising & Orientation sessions be offered in-person or remotely?

Summer Advising & Orientation will be facilitated in a remote environment. For more information visit the First Year Programs website.

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