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Sending transcripts

Transcript guidelines

All transfer applicants, U.S. and international, are required to submit official college/university transcripts from each institution attended. Unofficial scanned copies of high school transcripts should be uploaded with your online application.

Additional guidelines:

  • A transcript is official when it is in a sealed school envelope and it bears the authorizing school signature and the official seal of the issuing institution.
  • Records from schools outside the U.S. must be in English or in the native language, accompanied by official English translations.
  • College/university transcripts may be sent electronically. Sending college/university transcripts electronically is preferred. See below for details.
  • Failure to disclose and submit transcripts from all colleges attended, even if no credit was earned, may result in denial of admission or dismissal from the UW.

High school transcripts

One unofficial transcript from the last high school attended must be uploaded with the application if you have less than 40 quarter credits of transferable college coursework . The Office of Admissions uses the high school record to confirm completion of College Academic Distribution Requirements (CADRs) and to learn more about an applicant’s educational background. Completion of an academic associate degree alone does not imply that the CADRs have been met.

  • For U.S. students, a high school transcript should be a final transcript, showing all coursework completed, beginning with grade 9 and continuing through grade 12 or the highest grade completed.
  • For international students, the high school transcript should include grades 10, 11 and 12 or the equivalent years in your country.
  • Preferably, mathematics and foreign language courses completed in the eighth grade should be recorded on the high school transcript, but this is not required.

Applicants are sometimes concerned that poor high school grades will adversely affect their chances of admission.

  • If you have fewer than 40 transferable credits, your high school record will play an important part in the admission review.

College/university transcripts

Request one official transcript from each collegiate institution you have ever attended, regardless of whether you received college credit from that institution. Request transcripts showing coursework through the term most recently completed before the application deadline (current UW students send after course is complete). It is your responsibility to contact each institution to request that transcripts be sent to the Office of Admissions by the appropriate deadline.

  • Washington state community college students should have transcripts sent electronically.
  • Official transcripts can also be sent through Parchment (formerly Naviance) or Transcript Network/Credential Solutions (formerly eScripSafe). When sending an electronic transcript select the University of Washington as the destination. Do not send electronic transcripts to any email address.
  • All other transcripts should be mailed to the Office of Admissions.
  • If you have UW coursework, including from UW Bothell or UW Tacoma, you do not need to submit official UW transcripts. However, you are required to submit official transcripts from all other colleges and universities you have attended. We will not request the transfer documents originally sent to other UW offices.
  • If your official transcript cannot be sent electronically, or by mail, a school official can email transcripts to The email address must be associated with the sending institution. Transcripts sent from Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, or other generic email provider will not be accepted.

Failure to disclose and submit transcripts from all colleges attended, even if no credit was earned, may result in denial of admission or dismissal from the UW.

Mailing address

University of Washington
Office of Admissions
Box 355852
Seattle, WA 98195-5852