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Holistic review

Holistic review is a comprehensive assessment of your academic performance and personal qualities and achievements. 

Assessment areas:

  • Level of academic achievement, including cumulative transfer GPA based on all transferable college-level courses attempted, rigor of curriculum and consistency in course completion
  • Well-defined academic goals
  • Preparation for intended major
  • Plan for timely completion of a bachelor’s degree
  • Completion of foreign language through the 103 level, or equivalent, when applying to majors in Arts and Sciences, Education or Social Work
  • Evidence of a need to enroll at the UW and the availability of the applicant’s intended academic program at other Washington public educational institutions
  • Academic or artistic awards and achievements, community service, work experience or research that demonstrates success or potential contributions to the UW and community
  • Improved grades after an extended absence from college or evidence of a new maturity in approaching college work
  • Cultural awareness
  • Perseverance in attaining higher education in spite of personal adversity, disability or economic disadvantage
  • Admission test scores, if provided

Our goals & priorities

The UW is committed to the following transfer goals and priorities to benefit students from Washington’s community and technical colleges.

  • Among transfer students, the highest admission priority is given to Washington community and technical college transfer students with either an academic associate degree or 90 transferable credits taken in preparation for a professional academic major. Applicants with fewer than 90 credits may be admitted when early transfer is advisable, but the number of such transfers will remain small.
  • The UW admits applicants who have completed fewer than 40 quarter credits (slightly less than one year of college) at the time of application. However, admission for these applicants is competitive and limited.