Seattle is a city of self-starters who believe that anything is possible when we work together. We’re adventurous and entrepreneurial, caffeinated and connected. This global hub for innovation is an international epicenter for turning ideas into actions, and the UW is at the heart of it. Whether you’re into art or food, history or tech, city living or the outdoors, there’s a community for you here.

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Seattle statistics

  • 200 miles/322 km of shoreline
  • 74% freshwater / 26% saltwater
  • 400 city parks

Average high temperatures

  • 60°F/16°C October
  • 46°F/8°C January
  • 58°F/14°C April
  • 75°F/24°C July

Average annual rainfall

  • 38.6 in/98 cm

We know what you’re wondering: Does it really rain all the time? Nope! Miami, Florida, gets nearly double the amount of rainfall that Seattle does.

Seattle slang

The Ave
The nickname for University Way NE, a street close to campus that’s filled with restaurants, cafés and bubble tea shops, vintage clothing stores, bookstores and movies, and plenty of people out enjoying it all.
Light rain falling in very fine drops.
A drizzle so light, there’s no point in opening an umbrella.
The mountain is out
An expression meaning that the majestic, snow-covered Mt. Rainier (located 59 miles/95 km from Seattle) is visible.
Brief periods of dazzling sun piercing through a cloudy day.
A popular nickname for the University of Washington. The U stands for University, and “dub” is short for W.

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