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During the 2017-18 academic year, 9,045 undergraduate students worked with guidance from UW faculty mentors for 13,714 student-quarters, spending approximately 1,584,236 hours devoted to research.

Watch some UW undergraduates describe their research projects.

Learn more about the Undergraduate Research Program.

Amanda Montoya: How can we make computer science more friendly to women?

Bryan Dosono: Exploring the digital divide in the Yakima Valley

Guillermo Romano: Tri-functional probes that profile Kinase conformations

Helen Olsen: Partners for health: Nonprofits respond to the recession

Merzami (Mimi) Cagaitan: Rethinking the lives of Filipina mail-order brides

Mike Fujimoto: Bringing two passions together

Nancy Thomas: Was water ever present on the surface of Mars?