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Postbaccalaureate (postbac) is a matriculated status reserved for students who are working toward a second bachelor’s degree or preparing for entrance to graduate or professional school.

Only a small number of applicants are admitted every quarter as postbacs because the UW’s primary commitment is to undergraduates who are completing a first bachelor’s degree.

What you need to know:

What you need to know:

Quarter of application Quarter begins Application opens Application deadline Notification period
Winter Early January August 1 September 1 November + December
Autumn Late September December 15 February 15 May + June
Spring* Late March N/A N/A N/A
Summer** Mid-June December 15 February 15 May + June

* Spring quarter is not open for general admission.

Bioengineering & chemical engineering students

U.S. and international students may submit the spring quarter application only if also applying for spring quarter direct entry to the programs listed below. Direct entry applicants must also submit a departmental application to the program; check department websites for instructions.

The following departments consider postbaccalaureate applications for spring quarter only:

  • Bioengineering
  • Chemical engineering

The following departments consider postbaccalaureate applications for spring and autumn quarters:

  • Bioresource science & engineering (international students are only eligible to apply to this program for autumn quarter)

Nursing students (ABSN — Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program)

U.S. and international students seeking admission to the UW School of Nursing may submit the spring quarter postbac application only if also applying for the spring ABSN program. Spring postbac applicants must also submit a departmental application to the program; check the School of Nursing website for instructions as deadlines may differ. Please note that applications for a spring start date are only for those intending to start the ABSN program. BSN applicants and ABSN applicants interested in an autumn start date will apply for autumn quarter postbac admission only.

** Choosing summer means you wish to being regular enrollment in the summer and continue into autumn as a degree-seeking student. If you choose summer admission and fail to attend summer quarter, your autumn admission and registration are cancelled. To apply for summer quarter as a non-degree student, contact Summer Quarter.

Learn about the statement of purpose and other essential policies affecting postbaccalaureate admission.

Although a student cannot earn a degree in a nonmatriculated status, a grade is earned and full credit is awarded and recorded on a UW transcript. The credits earned in a nonmatriculated status usually transfer to other institutions, although each college or university makes its own policies about accepting transfer credit.

If a student is later accepted into a matriculated status at the UW, credits earned as a nonmatriculated student may be applied to undergraduate degree requirements, with some restrictions. For example, a maximum of 90 credits earned through the Online Learning program may be applied toward a bachelor’s degree. And, generally, the last 45 credits of a baccalaureate degree must be earned as a matriculated student in residence at the UW.

  • UW summer quarter
    With no enrollment limit, summer quarter is open to everyone. All programs are offered for credit during the nine-week academic term.
  • Non-Degree enrollment in UW credit classes
    Non-Degree Enrollment allows anyone to take courses and earn credit at the UW without applying for formal admission or enrolling in a degree program. Many classes found in the UW Time Schedule are available for Non-Degree Enrollment. If you are planning to take specific courses in preparation for a graduate or professional program, be aware that access to courses in a particular quarter is not guaranteed.
  • UW Professional & Continuing Education classes
    UW Professional and Continuing Education offers a wide variety of classes, both credit and noncredit, to prepare for graduate school, help you advance your career, or learn new skills.
  • Online learning
    Online Learning offers you the flexibility to pursue your goals on your schedule. You’ll experience the same top-notch instruction as any other UW program, but in a web-based format that lets you study from anywhere.
  • Graduate nonmatriculated status (GNM)
    GNM provides access to graduate courses for qualified post-baccalaureate students. GNM students may apply up to 12 credits towards a graduate degree if they are later admitted to a UW graduate program. Students wishing further information should contact the academic department in which they may later wish to pursue a degree.
  • Certificate programs
    More than 100 certificate programs are designed to keep you competitive in the ever-changing job market, whether you need to learn new skills to advance in your current career or want to make a career change.
  • Programs for educators
    From Social Studies to Grant Writing and certification, the UW offers courses and programs especially for K-12 educators.
  • Access program for older adults
    The UW waives tuition for Washington residents sixty years or older who wish to audit classes on a space-available basis. Access students do not receive credit and are not permitted to do laboratory work or to take examinations.