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We value the wide lens of our students’ experiences, cultures, talents and sheer brainpower. You aren’t just a GPA and a set of numbers. We want to know more.
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What’s my application type?

Freshman, transfer or postbac — what’s the difference? What about Running Start? Let us help.

Freshman Running Start Transfer Postbac Veteran

Watch a video about application types

youtube video about application types

Admissions Statistics

WA freshman 3 year average admit rate
WA community college transfer 3 year average admit rate

Admission to majors

Your admission to a major at the UW depends on the major you’re interested in and on your application type.

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Preparing for college

What steps can you take now to set yourself up for success?

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The UW strives to enroll undergraduate classes rich in intellectual abilities, academic commitments, and diversity of perspectives, backgrounds and talents—all of which contribute to a stimulating educational environment.
Paul Seegert Director of Admissions