Sending SAT/ACT scores

If you are a U.S. transfer applicant with fewer than 40 transferable credits, you are required to submit test scores from ACT or SAT. If you have 40 or more transferable credits, submitting your test scores is optional.

  • Applicants are required to submit SAT or ACT scores directly from the testing agency
  • Test scores do not expire; the UW will accept them for admission purposes no matter how many years have passed since the exam


Superscoring refers to the practice of taking a student’s best section scores across all exam sittings to combine for the best overall score. The UW does superscore. Superscoring does not include the Writing score, which is not considered in the admission decision.

Old and new SAT

The UW will superscore among a student’s old sittings (pre-March 2016) and — separately — among a student’s new SAT sittings (March 2016 and after).  However, we will not superscore between new and old versions of the test because the exams are not constructed the same way.

How to request scores

The easiest way to request that the UW receive your SAT or ACT scores is at the time you register for the test. However, you may still request that scores be sent to the UW after you’ve taken the test.

  • SAT
    The UW’s institutional code 4854
  • ACT
    The UW’s institutional code 4484

International applicants

SAT or ACT scores are optional for international applicants. However, the UW will consider qualifying SAT or ACT scores an an English proficiency alternative.