How to apply

Follow this checklist to make sure you have everything you need to submit a complete application for admssion.

  1. Application fee
  2. Send test scores
  3. Writing section instructions
  4. No interview
  5. No letters of recommendation
  6. Send transcripts?
  7. Additional requirements for international students
  8. Apply now

1. Application fee

U.S. freshman students

The $70 application fee for U.S. freshman students is nonrefundable and must be submitted each time you apply for admission.

Learn more about the U.S. application fee

International freshman students

The 80 USD application fee is nonrefundable and must be submitted each time you apply.

Learn more about the international application fee

2. Send test scores

U.S. freshman students — SAT/ACT

Scores from SAT or ACT are required for admission and must be sent directly from the testing agency. The UW accepts the SAT and ACT equally. There is absolutely no advantage in submitting one test over the other.

Learn more about SAT/ACT scores

International freshman students — English proficiency

International students must submit English proficiency test scores that meet the minimum requirement for admission at the Seattle campus of the University of Washington. The SAT and ACT exams are not required for international students. 

Learn more about English proficiency

3. Writing section instructions

The Writing Section is a required and important part of your application for admission.

Learn more about the writing section

4. No interview

We welcome your visit to campus, and we hope you will participate in a campus tour and freshman information session. At that time, you'll have lots of opportunities to ask questions of your student tour guide and admissions counselor.

The UW does not conduct formal interviews or consider demonstrated interest in the admission decision.

5. No letters of recommendation

We ask you not to send letters of recommendation or other supplemental materials such as drawings, CDs, DVDs, books, or other items. We will learn everything we need to know about you through the Writing Section of the application, so it is not necessary for you to submit any other supporting documents.

Sometimes students ask why we do not consider letters of recommendation. "Don’t you want to read all the things my teachers, counselors, coaches, members of the clergy, relatives, and other mentors have to say about me?" Actually, we don’t.

We really want you to tell us those things instead. We believe that the application for admission to the UW is your application. We want to get to know you, and we believe the best way to do that is through the materials you prepare in the Writing Section of the application. Your teachers and counselors can't say it any better than you can. You know your life story, your hopes and dreams, your most significant activities. No letters: just you.

6. Send transcripts?

U.S. students

Do not send high school or college transcripts until you receive a request from the Office of Admissions. The application asks you to provide a detailed account of your academic coursework, and that's all we need to review your application.

Applicants who are admitted and who confirm their intention to enroll at the UW will be required to send a final high school transcript. At that time, the admissions staff will verify that all admission requirements have been satisfied, and the offer of admission will be withdrawn if important discrepancies are discovered.

Final college transcripts are also required for applicants who attended college.

International students

International students must upload transcripts at the time of application or have your high school send transcripts electronically.

Learn more about sending transcripts

7. Additional requirements for freshman international students

International applicants — those who need an F-1 student visa or have another type of temporary, non-immigrant visa — must read about further requirements and instructions, especially those regarding English proficiency.

Learn more about additional requirements for international students

8. Apply now

The freshman application for autumn 2017 will open October, 1.