October 9 – 11, 2023

Join us for a virtual peek at the Husky Experience.

Get answers to your questions about majors, chat with an admissions counselor and hear from students about what it’s like to be a Husky. We look forward to seeing you!



2023 schedule

Monday, October 9

4–5 p.m. — Applying to the UW

Do you have questions about the admissions process? We’re here to help. Join the session.

5–6 p.m. — Applying to the UW Honors Program

The UW Honors Program invites students to deepen their undergraduate education within an enriching academic community. Students explore diverse perspectives through an interdisciplinary curriculum that promotes innovative thinking, critical reflection and conscious global citizenship. Learn more about what makes the Honors Program at the UW unique, what makes the strongest candidates and how to apply. Join the session.

Tuesday, October 10

4–5 p.m. — UW major exploration

With more than 180 majors at the UW, many paths can lead from a single interest. The program that’s right for you might be one you haven’t considered (or even heard of) yet. This session will outline the major system at the UW and give a broad overview of how students explore and declare their majors. Join the session.

5–6 p.m. — College to career

What are employment recruiters really looking for when hiring new college graduates? We’ll discuss this, along with how the UW supports students in becoming career-ready and where you can find Husky career outcome data. Join the session.

Wednesday, October 11

4–5 p.m. — How I chose a major: Admissions student panel

Hear it from a Husky — Current UW students will discuss their experiences exploring and choosing a major. Join the session.

5–6 p.m. — Outside the classroom: The student perspective on the Husky Experience

You don’t stop learning when you leave the classroom — time outside of class can be just as transformative. Current UW students will talk about their experiences outside of class. Join the session.