Departmental transfer application information

The process of applying to a major as a transfer student varies by discipline. To help, we’ve consolidated departmental admission information below.

Find your intended major in the drop-down menu and submit. You’ll discover:

  • Curricular options.
    Examples: The Communication major offers a Journalism option. Psychology offers B.A. and a B.S. degrees.
  • Admission policy.
    Examples: Admission to Computer Science is capacity-constrained, while Philosophy is minimum requirements.
  • Quarters of application.
    Example: Chemical Engineering accepts applications for Spring (SPR) quarter only.
  • Enroll at the UW first?
    Example: Statistics requires that you enroll at the UW before applying to the major.
  • Separate application.
    Example: Nursing requires a separate application in addition to the application to the UW.
  • Departmental deadline.
    Example: The Nursing deadline is January 15.