Transfer Students

Every transfer applicant is reviewed thoroughly and holistically. Begin your journey with a look at the factors we use in comprehensive review. Good preparation for your intended major is the best preparation for admission. Many students complete their first two years at a community college and then transfer to the UW to complete a bachelor’s degree. More

Our Goals & Priorities

Learn who has priority in transfer admission, how we view those with <1 year of college. More

Plan for a Major

How to work on a major, general requirements, and perhaps also an associate degree before you transfer. More

Academic Planning Worksheets

There's a worksheet for every major. Complete yours before applying for admission. More

Equivalency Guide

The essential resource for students transferring from Washington community colleges. More

MyPlan Transfer Planner

With the click of a button, you can see the Equivalency Guide in action. MyPlan helps you determine how courses you’ve taken or plan to take at Washington community or technical colleges translate to progress toward a UW degree. More

Transfer Credit Policies

What counts? What doesn't? "Will I be a junior?" It's all here. More

College Academic Distribution Requirements

Yes, all transfer applicants must demonstrate a minimum level of preparation in six subject areas, called CADRsMore


We welcome applications from homeschooled students. Please review our guidelines. More


We have info and tips for veterans, active duty military, and military dependent students. Let us help. More

Key Dates & Deadlines

September 1, 2016, is the deadine for winter quarter 2017. More


The application for winter 2017 is open. More

Application Fee

It's $70. And for students with a confirmed financial hardship, waivers are available. More

Applying for a Competitive Major?

These majors have additional admission requirements and a selective screening process. More

Write a Great Personal Statement

Your goal: a comprehensive narrative essay outlining significant aspects of your academic and personal history. More

Send Test Scores?

SAT or ACT scores required only for applicants with fewer than 40 transferable college credits. More

Send Transcripts

Official high school and college transcripts are required as part of your application file. More

Financial Aid?

February 28, 2016, was the deadline to submit the FAFSA for all quarters of academic year 2016-17. More

The Transfer GPA

We tell you exactly what we count and what we don't — and give you the real story on repeats. More

English Language Proficiency

Look ahead: You may want to satisfy this requirement with a test score. More