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At the UW, discovery—of new knowledge, of self, of others—energizes your education. We choose process over product, strengthening independence and confidence. No limits.


What’s great about a big U? Choice, opportunity, freedom to explore. The UW offers 180 different majors in 79 departments. Start with an area of study that interests you, and see where it takes you. More

Course Catalog

“Explore the breadth and depth of course offerings. Ever quarter, you’ll find more than 2,000 courses to choose from.” More


The Honors Program integrates challenging courses and diverse learning experiences for academically motivated students in a close community of faculty, staff, and peers. The core curriculum offers a broad liberal education, while departmental honors programs provide a deep disciplinary education. More


“At the UW, we support the idea that research should be part of every undergraduate’s Husky Experience. Some of the greatest benefits of being involved in research is the insight it gives you about how to learn, how new knowledge is created, and what you can accomplish when actively engaging your own research questions.” More


At the UW, “pre-law” is not a major, minor, or series of courses. Law school requires no prerequisite courses nor do law schools prefer any particular majors. Pre-law refers to anyone who is considering going to law school after completing an undergraduate degree. More


The UW advising team works with students interested in medicine, law, dentistry, pharmacy, and other careers. More

Study Abroad

Go. Connect. Discover. Start your study abroad journey at the University of Washington. More

Experiential Learning

Expanding and enriching learning through engagement in research, service learning, volunteering, and leadership. More