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PathwayU Discover your purpose and connect it to college and careers. Take assessments to gain insights on your interests, values, personality, and workplace preferences. Explore UW majors, career paths, and internships that align with your unique gifts and purpose. Explore now

A Level & AS Level exams – archive

A Level & AS Level exams The UW encourages and applauds students who have pursued Advanced Level or Advanced Level Subsidiary exams as part of their high school curriculum or through the Cambridge AICE Diploma Program. These courses are challenging and demanding, and we believe they provide excellent preparation for university study. Policy Overview In…


Choosing a major Consider your interests: Which classes do you enjoy most? Assess your abilities: What are your strengths and challenges? Explore your options: Use the buttons below to explore UW majors, or search by keyword for what interests you. Questions about direct to major or direct to college admissions? Get answers here. Types of…

Experiential learning

New York student trip

Extend your undergraduate experience beyond the classroom Participate in undergraduate research. Engage in the community through service learning, volunteering or leadership. Find scholarship opportunities that support your undergraduate work. The UW’s Center for Experiential Learning and Diversity (EXPD) is home to nine programs, each of which helps UW undergraduates to enrich their learning. EXPD develops…


Expand your experience  The UW Honors Program invites students to deepen their undergraduate education within an enriching academic community. We welcome a diverse population of students to explore diverse perspectives through a rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum that promotes innovative thinking, critical reflection, and conscious global citizenship. Students become expansive critical thinkers by drawing from the sciences,…

Study Abroad

Suzzallo Library Reading Room

Explore the world. Discover yourself. The UW offers more than 600 study abroad options in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Oceania. Where will you go? Offerings include University exchanges Attend regular classes at one of 70 partner universities around the world. Departmental exchanges Focus on a specific discipline within your department….


Whether you’re interested in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, public health, nutrition or fitness, preparing for a career in health care is not a single decision but a series of choices based on exploration, investigation and reflection. At the UW, “pre-health” is not a major or a track — it’s a set of steps you take…


At the UW, “pre-law” is not a major, minor or series of courses. Law schools require no prerequisite courses, nor do they prefer any particular majors. Pre-law refers to anyone who is considering going to law school after completing an undergraduate degree. For more information about pre-law, visit the Pre-Law webpage at the Career & Internship Center website.

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research symposium

During the 2017-18 academic year, 9,045 undergraduate students worked with guidance from UW faculty mentors for 13,714 student-quarters, spending approximately 1,584,236 hours devoted to research. Watch some UW undergraduates describe their research projects. Learn more about the Undergraduate Research Program. Amanda Montoya: How can we make computer science more friendly to women? Bryan Dosono: Exploring…

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