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Senior Year Information: 12th grade terms

A term is a portion of an academic year. Common terms include a full year, semesters, trimesters, and quarters. Please indicate the specific term in which you completed each course.

Example 1: Semesters

12th grade term Course title Credits Add’l Academic Institution
Semester 1 American Literature 0.5
Semester 2 American Literature 0.5


Example 2: Running Start 

12th grade term Course title Credits Add’l Academic Institution
Fall ENGL& 101 5 Bellevue College
Winter MATH& 120 5 Bellevue College
Spring HIST& 146 5 Bellevue College


World Language Level: Competency Exams

Under “Course title,” please enter the competency exam you completed, including the target language. Then, list the credits earned, term completed, and grade you received including Pass/Fail grades (if applicable).

In the below example, the competency exam was completed while the student was also taking world language coursework:

Grade Year Terms Course Title Credits per term Grade earned
9 Term 1 Spanish 1 0.5 A
9 Term 2 Spanish 1 0.5 B+
10 Term 1 STAMP proficiency exam Russian 4.0 PASS
10 Term 2 Spanish 2 0.5 A-
11 Term 1 Spanish 2 0.5 A