Experience for yourself the sights and sounds of life at UW. It's a small town of 60,000, a Collegiate Gothic oasis in the city, a rain-fed botanical haven. Does it feel like home?


Daily Visit

Are you ready to see for yourself? We guarantee we look even better in person. More


Transfer Thursday

Prospective students who wish to transfer to the UW are invited to campus to learn about admission, majors, finances, and housing. More


Sample a Class

Many UW instructors have invited prospective students to attend one of their classes. Circuit Theory? Biopsychology? Re-thinking Diversity? How will you choose? More


Group Tours

Group tours are available for high schools and other prospective students. More


Getting Here

No matter how you travel, the UW is easily accessible. Let us guide you to our front door. More


Plan Your Visit

Learn the best places to eat, re-fuel, or spend the night. All cafes, food trucks, and restaurants have been taste tested by our hungry campus tour guides. More


Things to Do

We asked our savvy campus tour guides what they like to do for fun — on, near, and far away from campus. Here are their suggestions. More