Academic News

Social Sciences Degree Completion Program Goes Online

“This is about helping students complete their bachelor’s degrees,” says Matthew Sparke, the inaugural director of the program. “And that means offering supportive online mentoring that really gets them to the finish line. We want our students to feel personal success and pride in finishing college as Huskies, with all the distinction that a UW degree represents.”

Virtual Reality Game Helps Stroke Patients

Virtual reality game that provides real-time feedback for stroke therapy patients wins UW students first place in TechSandbox competition.

Future of Ice program logo

UW Creates New Arctic Studies Minor

“There are things happening in the Arctic that have never happened before in the history of human society,” says Ben Fitzhugh, co-chair of the “Future of Ice” Initiative. “It’s going to bring a lot of pollution, it’s going to bring a lot of investment, it’s going to bring a lot of employment.”
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UW Partners in $37.8 Million Grant for Research

"The process of discovery will increasingly rely on researchers’ ability to extract knowledge from vast amounts of data. To remain at the forefront," says UW project lead Ed Lazowska, "the UW must be a leader in advancing the methodologies of data science and putting them to work in the broadest imaginable range of fields.”

Entrepreneurship Approved as UW's First Competitive Major

“It’s really about the ability to see opportunities and do something about them,” says Connie Bourassa-Shaw, director of the entrepreneurship program. “There’s creativity, there’s passion, there’s determination. Those are all things that go into saying ‘I see this idea over here, and I’m going to turn it into a bigger thing over there.’”
Bill Frisell playing guitar

Jazz Great Bill Frisell Joins School of Music

“Every day with my music now I don’t feel any different than I did when I was 12 years old. Music is an infinite thing,” says Bill Frisell, one of modern jazz’s premier guitarists. “We all struggle to move ahead and find out what to do. I learn by playing and talking about the music, and I will get as much from the students as they might get from me.”
Ender's Game move set

UW Robot Makes Cameo on 'Ender's Game'

The Raven II surgical robot from the UW BioRobotics Lab makes an appearance on the 2013 movie ‘Ender’s Game.’ “‘Ender’s Game’ is one of those iconic sci-fi books,” explains doctoral student Hawkeye King. “When we got back to the lab and told people, everyone’s jaw collectively dropped.”
students in performance class

New Musical Theater Degree Searching for More Than Just Performance

“Not everybody is going to be a performer,” says Betsy Cooper, dance professor and divisional dean of arts. “We want to show them enough of the world so they have some choice in the direction they want to take their passion.”
UW Field School students

Annual UW Field School Uncovers History

“Whether they find a rare gemstone, as in 2009, or help solve the complex stratigraphic relations of massive industrial buildings, as they did this summer,  every year our students are not merely consuming knowledge, but are adding to it,” says Sarah Stroup, associate professor of classics, who created the field school program.


UW Prepares to Install World's Largest Underwater Observatory

“This concept of a real-time observatory will change what we do as ocean engineers, what we will learn how to do, and what ocean scientists can do with these systems now and in the future,” says project lead Gary Harkins.