Photo of Jim La Roche

  • Admissions Counselor, Multicultural Outreach & Recruitment
  • B.A., Anthropology
  • Minors in History and American Indian Studies
Why the UW?
“The diversity of people, ideas and opportunities available to students is amazing. I graduated wishing I had had more time to take advantage of all the classes, clubs and people. The size of the UW can be intimidating at first, but it also means you will never be bored. I met the people who became my best friends in my first weeks at the UW, but I was able to meet amazing people throughout my four years as an undergraduate. I paddled to First Nations reserves as part of Canoe Journeys, traveled to powwows in Montana, learned what hula really is, ate Persian food for the first time and went on ethnobotany field trips in Eastern Washington. My time at the UW taught me the world is vast – and to be a part of it.”