Academic Planning Worksheet: Music

Preparation for your intended major is a factor in the review of your UW transfer application. Use this worksheet to help you plan for admission to your intended major and for UW general education requirements.

Department admission information

This major is capacity-constrained. Completion of prerequisites does not guarantee admission.

All students must pass the performance audition in order to declare music as their major with the exception of American Music, Composition and Ethnomusicology. Entrance auditions are held in January and February for admission to the music major in autumn quarter. Please check the School of Music website for dates and to sign up for an audition.

Courses required for admission to major

Directions: Record the courses you have taken, are taking or plan to take prior to UW enrollment that you believe are equivalent to the UW course requirements listed below. Not sure? Use the transfer course equivalency guide.

UW Course Dept. Prefix & Number Term/Year
Example: MATH 124 – Calculus I MATH 151 AUT 08
Music Course VLPA

Additional information:

  • The School of Music does not accept direct transfer of music credits for students pursuing the Music major.
  • All degrees require instruction on an instrument with the exception of American Music and Ethnomusicology.
  • All Music degrees require enrollment in an ensemble each quarter that a student is registered for lessons.
  • Music theory and history courses do transfer, but not directly; rather, you will be asked to complete a proficiency exam and meet with a professor to determine placement in our theory sequence. This is done after you enroll at the UW. Please save materials such as syllabi, final exams, textbooks, etc. for your evaluation.
  • Piano classes for non-piano majors can transfer after you complete a placement test.
  • Three quarters of lessons and ensemble may be transferable at the discretion of the faculty, to be decided after approximately one year at the UW.
  • Performance: Students admitted into the BA program have the option to test into the BM program at the end of their first or second year.
  • Music Education: Students must complete a Music Education audition and interview, in addition to a performance audition.
  • Composition: Students must complete one year of prerequisite courses at the UW before applying to the Composition major.

Entering transfer GPA

Total undergraduates, as of autumn 2021 79

Total from Washington community colleges: 8

  • Entering transfer GPA (from WA community colleges):
  • 3.75 – 4.00:1
  • 3.50 – 3.74:2
  • 3.25 – 3.49:3
  • 3.00 – 3.24:1
  • 2.75 – 2.99:1
  • 2.50 – 2.74:0
  • 2.49 and below:0

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