Office of Admissions

Select a major

All postbaccalaureate applicants must indicate on the admission application their intended major or goal for postbaccalaureate study (examples: History, premed, preparation for grad school in psychology). Applicants who do not choose a major or intended goal for postbaccalaureate study will not be considered further.

  • On the online application, choose “Postbaccalaureate Study (Undeclared),” the very last item in the list of majors, if you are preparing for graduate school or you are premed, predent, or pre-vet.

Applicants are strongly urged to contact directly the program(s) they are interested in well before applying for admission to the University.

Note: The Nursing deadline is January 15, one month earlier than the University’s closing date for summer and autumn quarters. If you are seeking admission to the Nursing program, your departmental application must be complete no later than January 15.

All postbaccalaureate students must declare a major by the time they have accumulated 30 credits at the UW after admission as a postbaccalaureate. A student may consult an adviser about a possible extension. Extensions are usually granted if the student has a reasonable chance of being admitted to the major of choice or if the student is making reasonable progress toward a non-degree goal, such as application to a professional program. Students who have neither declared a major nor arranged for an extension by the time they have completed 30 credits past the first bachelor’s degree will be unable to register for the following quarter until they have clarified their degree plans with an adviser.

Useful Links

  • Choosing a Major — includes tables of admission policies for liberal arts, science & engineering, and professional majors; extremely useful information on preprofessional programs (pre-med, pre-dent, pre-law, teacher certification); and a list of departmental information sessions, which you are encouraged to attend before applying to the UW.
  • Departmental advising offices — to contact an adviser by phone or email or in person.
  • Equivalency Guide for Washington Community and Technical Colleges — useful for applicants planning to complete prerequisites elsewhere before enrolling at the UW.