Office of Admissions

Enrollment options

Nonmatriculated Enrollment

Although a student cannot earn a degree in a nonmatriculated status, a grade is earned and full credit is awarded and recorded on a UW transcript. The credits earned in a nonmatriculated status usually transfer to other institutions (although each college or university makes its own policies about accepting transfer credit).

If a student is later accepted into a matriculated status at the UW, credits earned as a nonmatriculated student may be applied to undergraduate degree requirements, with some restrictions. For example, a maximum of 90 credits earned through the Online Learning program may be applied toward the bachelor’s degree, and generally, the last 45 credits of a baccalaureate degree must be earned as a matriculated student in residence at the UW.

Nonmatriculated Options

  • UW Summer Quarter
    With no enrollment limit, Summer Quarter is open to everyone. All programs are offered for credit during the nine-week academic term.
  • Non-Degree Enrollment in UW Credit Classes
    Non-Degree Enrollment allows anyone to take courses and earn credit at the UW without applying for formal admission or enrolling in a degree program. Many classes found in the UW Time Schedule are available for Non-Degree Enrollment.
  • UW Professional & Continuing Education classes
    UW Professional and Continuing Education offers a wide variety of classes, both credit and noncredit, to prepare for graduate school, help you advance your career, or learn new skills.
  • Online Learning
    Online Learning offers you the flexibility to pursue your goals on your schedule. You’ll experience the same top-notch instruction as any other UW program, but in a web-based format that lets you study from anywhere.
  • Graduate Nonmatriculated Status [GNM]
    GNM provides access to graduate courses for qualified post-baccalaureate students. GNM students may apply up to 12 credits towards a graduate degree if they are later admitted to a UW graduate program. Students wishing further information should contact the academic department in which they may later wish to pursue a degree.
  • Certificate Programs
    More than 100 certificate programs are designed to keep you competitive in the ever-changing job market, whether you need to learn new skills to advance in your current career or want to make a career change.
  • Programs for Educators
    From Social Studies to Grant Writing and certification, the UW offers courses and programs especially for K-12 educators.
  • Access Program for Older Adults
    The UW waives tuition for Washington residents sixty years or older who wish to audit classes on a space-available basis. Access students do not receive credit and are not permitted to do laboratory work or to take examinations.