Environmental Studies

College of the Environment

The Environmental Studies (ENST) major is designed for students who want to act critically and creatively in response to the environmental challenges facing the world today. The major’s two pathways – Sustainability & Society (S&S) and Conservation Science & Management (CSM) – share a commitment to educating future practitioners who can address those challenges in their professional careers and personal lives. ENST teaches students to integrate environmental knowledge across the natural and social sciences, as well as the arts and humanities. Hands-on learning, field experiences, and problem-based instruction focus on finding answers to complex problems that include scientific, social, political, cultural, and ethical dimensions. ENST graduates develop careers in management, planning, advocacy, communications, and policy-making across a wide array of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.


Major category: Open

Minor available

Topic: Natural sciences

Applicant type


Freshmen can apply to the UW to begin autumn quarter or winter quarter (U.S. applicants only)

Read more about applying to the UW as a freshman, including details for programs that provide high school students with college credit (like Running Start).


Preparation for the major is a factor in transfer admission. Use the information below to help you prepare for this degree

Department admission information

  • Departmental application deadline: Students in good academic standing may declare the major at any time, including on their application for admission to the UW.
  • Please contact the department for details about the application process.

Suggested first-year course: ENVIR 100.

Undergraduate Program Adviser: Wallace Hall (ACC), Suite 12, 206-616-2461, enviradv@uw.edu. Visit the Environmental Studies website for more information.

Courses recommended for the major:

  • ENVIR 100 NSc SSc – Introduction to Environmental Studies

Entering transfer information:

Total undergraduates: 459
Total from Washington community colleges: 37

Entering transfer GPA (from WA community colleges):

3.75 – 4.00: 10
3.50 – 3.74: 9
3.25 – 3.49: 8
3.00 – 3.24: 4
2.75 – 2.99: 5
2.50 – 2.74: 1
2.49 and below: 0

Career outcomes