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What GPA and ACT or SAT score do I need to get into the UW?

We know you'd like a simple answer to that question, but there just isn't one. We consider many factors in evaluating applicants for freshman admission, including …

intellectual abilities, academic commitment, and diversity of viewpoints, life experiences, talents, and service.

Thus, while GPA and ACT or SAT test scores are important factors, the admission decision is based on much more than past academic record or predicted academic performance. There is no minimum GPA or test score that assures an applicant of admission to the UW.


I have some bad grades. Can I just start over?

Unfortunately, your academic record cannot be erased.

  • Bad news: In calculating the Transfer GPA, the Office of Admissions uses all transferable academic courses from all regionally accredited colleges a student has attended, in which the student has received grades between 0.0 and 4.0 on a 4.0 grading scale. Credits attempted but not successfully completed -- in English, those for which a grade of “F” was earned -- are included in the GPA calculation. And more to the point: Applicants sign a statement when they apply, verifying that all information is correct. "I acknowledge that failure to disclose complete and accurate information, or failure to submit all required application materials...may result in the denial of admission or subsequent dismissal from the University of Washington." So we're clear on that.
  • Good news: One bad grade, or even a bad start early in one's academic career, need not prevent admission as a transfer student. An applicant who shows -- through the personal statement and transcripts improved grades after an extended absence from college or evidence of a new maturity in approaching college work -- can make it successfully through the admission review. If "older but wiser" sounds like your story, contact Admissions for counseling.

What does it take to gain admission to the UW?

All international students must meet the minimum English proficiency requirement and satisfy the minimum academic distribution requirements.

In selecting students for admission to the University, we consider many factors in a comprehensive review process. Although a student’s overall grades are a very important part of our admission review, we also consider the rigor of a student’s curriculum, the education system a student has been enrolled in, test scores, activities and accomplishments, educational goals, academic preparation, special talents, and a student’s personal background as seen through the personal statement.

Admission will be offered to as many highly qualified students as space allows. It is impossible to say exactly what makes a strong application since it is generally a combination of all the admission factors that we consider.


Does the UW prefer the SAT or ACT?

We have absolutely no preference whatsoever. Do your research and take the test that’s right for you.

Please note:

  • The UW does not “super score,” that is, use your highest subscores from multiple tests. In reviewing your application, we use only your highest combined score from one exam
  • Either the SAT or ACT with Writing must be taken no later than December of your senior year to be considered for admission in summer or fall quarter.

I have completed one college course. Am I still a transfer student?

You are a transfer student if all of the following apply:

  • You wish to enroll at the University of Washington to earn a first bachelor’s degree.
  • You have left high school (regardless of your age and whether you graduated).
  • You have completed—or will complete—college courses at a regionally accredited college or university after leaving high school.
  • You have not yet completed—or will not have completed—a bachelor’s degree by the time you wish to enroll at the UW.

What are my chances for transfer admission to the UW?

Admission is competitive, which means that there are more applicants who meet the minimum qualifications than the University can accommodate.

It is difficult for anyone to predict how competitive transfer admission to the University might be in any particular quarter. Many factors are considered in making admission decisions, which are based on much more than GPA or predicted academic performance. Applicants are assessed holistically based on their academic performance and personal qualities and achievements.


As a Running Start student, am I considered a freshman or transfer applicant?

It depends! Keep reading…

  • If you are currently in high school and enrolled in Running Start in Washington State, apply as a freshman.
  • If you will continue college course work after you graduate from high school, apply as a transfer student.

If you are not sure of your status, contact the Office of Admissions.


What is the minimum GPA for postbac admission?

We have no established minimum GPA and we do not admit by GPA alone.

We conduct a comprehensive review of all postbaccalaureate applications, in which GPA is but one of many factors.


How can I speak with someone about admission to the UW?

The Office of Admissions is here to help!

We encourage high-school juniors and seniors and their families to join us for a comprehensive freshman information session. Get the real story on what UW offers, the admissions process and student life — straight from the source! Options, times, and locations vary, so please register online.

Can’t make it to an information session? You can connect with an admissions counselor by phone, in person or via email. Visit our Contact page for details. Please note the UW does not conduct personal interviews for admission.


What are the freshman deadlines for applying to the Seattle campus of the UW?

The UW uses a “pooling” process: Admissions decisions are made after all applications have been received and assessed.

The application period is October 1 - December 1. However, required test scores, and only test scores, sent directly to the UW from the testing agency no later than December 31.

The UW does not offer any type of early decision or early action program. All applicants will be notified between March 15 and March 31.

All deadlines are the dates by which required materials must be postmarked or submitted.

Quarter of application Quarter begins Application period Deadline Notification period
Autumn Late September October 1- December 1 December 1 March 15-31
Winter Early January August September 1 November- December
Summer * (degree status) Mid-June October 1- December 1 December 1 March 15-31

* Choosing summer means you wish to begin regular enrollment in summer and continue into autumn as a degree-seeking student. Failure to enter summer will cancel autumn admission and any registration.