Comprehensive Review

Comprehensive Review for Transfer Admission

Comprehensive Review is a holistic assessment of a transfer applicant’s academic performance and personal qualities and achievements. The comprehensive review includes the following assessment areas:

  • Level of academic achievement including cumulative transfer GPA based on all transferable college-level courses attempted; rigor of curriculum; and consistency in course completion
  • Well-defined academic goals
  • Preparation for intended major
  • Plan for timely completion of a bachelor’s degree
  • Completion of foreign language through the 103-level, or equivalent, when applying to majors in Arts and Sciences, Education, or Social Work
  • Evidence of a need to enroll at the UW and the availability of the applicant’s intended academic program at other Washington public educational institutions
  • Academic or artistic awards and achievements, community service, work experience, or research that demonstrates success or potential contributions to the University and community
  • Improved grades after an extended absence from college or evidence of a new maturity in approaching college work
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Perseverance in attaining higher education in spite of personal adversity, disability, or economic disadvantage
  • Admission test scores, if provided