Send Transcripts?

Not until we ask you for them.

Do not send high school or college transcripts until you receive a request from the Office of Admissions. The application asks you to tell us about your academic coursework in detail, and that's all we need with your application.

Applicants who are admitted and who confirm their intention to enroll at the UW will be required to send a final high school transcript. Final transcripts must be submitted as soon as the spring term of the senior year is complete and coursework and grades have been recorded on the transcript(s), but no later than July 1 (September 1 for applicants completing coursework during the summer).

The Admissions staff will verify that all admission requirements have been satisfied, and the offer of admission will be withdrawn if important discrepancies are discovered.

Final college transcripts are also required for applicants who attended college.

Paul Seegert throwing crumpled transcript

Paul Seegert, Director of Admissions, surrounded by about 20,000 unnecessary transcripts.

Photo UW Admissions