Homeschool Policies

Homeschooled students bring unique qualities to our campus, and we welcome their interest in UW. The Office of Admissions provides these guidelines to help homeschooled applicants become eligible for admission consideration.

College Academic Distribution Requirements (CADR)

All freshman applicants are required to meet minimum academic distribution requirements as set by the Washington State Higher Education Coordinating (HEC) Board and the faculty of the University of Washington.

Test Score Requirements

  • CADR subjects completed at a high school or regionally accredited college do not require test score validation.
  • CADR subjects completed through homeschooled coursework require validating test scores.

The UW does not have an established list of predetermined minimum scores but reviews each homeschooled applicant in light of their unique educational history. All applicants are assessed holistically in the context of the UW’s comprehensive review process.

CADR Examination Options.
Scores from ACT with Writing or SAT Reasoning Test are required of all freshman applicants and may also serve as a validation option for some CADR subjects.
English SAT Reasoning Test or ACT with Writing
Mathematics SAT Reasoning Test or ACT with Writing
Lab Science:
Validation is required for at least one of the following: Biology, Chemistry, or Physics.
ACT with Writing or SAT Subject Test or Advanced Placement (AP)
World Languages UW proficiency examination results for subject area (Comparable proficiency exam from another regionally accredited college or university may be an option; contact UW Admissions Office in advance.) SAT Subject Test or Advanced Placement (AP)
Social Science No additional test required.
Fine Visual & Performing Arts No additional test required.

Required Documents


An official homeschool transcript is required for all homeschooled coursework. For each subject studied, the transcript must include:

  • Course title,
  • Duration of study,
  • Short description of course content, and
  • Grade for performance (or comparable qualitative assessment).

To be considered official, the homeschool transcript must be signed by the teacher of record; this may be a parent.

Official transcripts are also required for any coursework completed at other high schools or regionally accredited colleges.

All official transcripts, including college transcripts, must be submitted by the application deadline and sent to the attention of Amy Norton.

Test Scores

Official exam and test score results must be received by December 31.

Freshman Applicants with College Coursework

If you are applying for admission for the summer or autumn quarter immediately following your high school graduation, apply using the freshman application, regardless of the number of college credits you have taken, are taking, or will have taken.

College Credit

In general, the UW awards credit for academic, college-level coursework completed through regionally accredited colleges.

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