Application Fee

The $70 application fee is nonrefundable and must be submitted each time you apply. It cannot be transferred to another quarter, to another campus, or to another student.

Fee Waivers

For students with confirmed financial hardship, the University of Washington provides a waiver of the $70 application fee.

  • If you apply online, the fee waiver request is embedded in the application. No additional forms or documents are required.
  • If you apply using the PDF or paper version of the application, request a fee waiver by writing a letter of explanation to the Office of Admissions and include documentation showing the need for a fee waiver. Attach the letter and documentation to the rest of your application file.

Receiving a fee waiver will have no bearing whatsoever on the review of your application for admission, nor will the information provided be released to anyone for any purpose.

Sending Your Application Materials

If you are applying online, the only materials that need to be sent separately are test scores, which are not mailed but sent electronically.

If you are not applying online, mail the application, application fee and Writing Section together. Test scores must come separately because they are sent directly from the testing agency to the UW.

We ask that you include your Social Security Number or date of birth on any materials or correspondence mailed separately from your application, to help Admissions match up your documents.